New rising star alert: Kayinsola by Pappintin

Hello guys, today's post is sort of like an advert for one of my friends.

He is known by thestage name of PAPPINTIN and he is one of the new upcoming and rising stars in Nigeria at the moment and he's had 3 wonderful songs to his name. He is a gospel singer and his latest single came out yesterday, March 16, 2013 and the link to this song is below. Click on it, and dance away!

From another website;  ("With three singles running, Pappintin is one of the few artistes that keep making good music with his highlife genre. Worked with LCbeatz who produced his previous singles; 'Bodyguard' and 'Ankara'. Also currently cooking up something with GT the guitarman. Kanyinsola his a song that calms you down on the dance floor. "Jelenke" as yoruba's will put it. Download and enjoy.")

Yeah, and don't forget to spread the word ;)

Kanyinsola: Click here to download
Ankara: Click here to download (I would say i like this most ;))
Bodyguard: Click here to download

Natasha Olutayo

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