Hack / Make The Bank (Hackathon)

The past month has definitely been an entertaining one. It's been full of different activities for me, I've had various new experiences (a lot of first times for most of these things) but all in all, I've had fun with the number of people I've met and done all this fun things with.

One of the events I went to was the Hack/Make The Bank event (Hackathon) at Level 39, Canary Wharf. This was my first hackathon event, and hopefully, the first of many, and even though there were some things that could have been better, I had an absolute blast. Turns out going to places with friends can be really fun. Who knew!?!

The event was basically about having an idea, and bringing the idea to a "somewhat" reality, by using various programming languages. Seeing as I am a first year computer science student with little to no idea of programming languages, and a blogger, it's no surprise that I stuck to writing the HTML codes. It was good practice, and great fun. A very educational event, and I wouldn't have asked for another way to spend that weekend.

It was quite an experience for me, and for other attendees, I'm sure. The building was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing, and the view was absolutely amazing.

Here are some pictures to feast your eyes on;

Hello :)

Did I mention the view??


Did I mention the amazing view?!

A live drawing of me (In the hat :D)

The team... and a stranger (Hello there!)

Thanks for reading, have a great day,
xoxo - Natasha

Natasha Olutayo

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