5 Types of People in University.

This is my 8th week of starting University, and while I can't say I've seen it all, because I definitely haven't, I have seen quite a substantial amount to agree with "them", when "they" say "University teaches you a lot of things".

What I have to talk about today, as obvious as the title is, is types of people that you meet in University. Surely, my list would grow as the years go by, but the following are some of the types I've met so far.

1. The Overly-friendly one:
 Sure, we're all in the same boat, new to University, a new city, heck even a new Country and we all need to meet as many people as possible. Make as much friends as we can, so we don't end up lonely through out the whole academic year. However, these people are so intent on making as much friends as possible. They are always down for an event, always up for partying, in short, it doesn't matter what it takes, as long as their friends list keeps going up like a roller coaster that's never coming down.

2. The Best Friend
Hey, Bestie!!! "You know what's funny? We've only met for like 10 mins and you're already all I want in life."
Err... What just happened? NO! These kind of people have a particular air of confidence that leads them to believe they have the best personality in the whole of University... and because of this, you NEED to be their friend, or you'll be losing out on the best thing in life. *cue music: "All by myself, don't wanna be, all by my seeeeeeeeelf"*. Right, seems like I overdid it there. Moving on..

3. The Reminisce-r:
This, my friends, are the kinds of people that dwell in the past... in the triumphant moment of their has-beens'. Sure, again, everyone does this once in  a while, but you'll think there is a limit to it, right? Um.. No. Sadly enough, these kind of people don't realise it, and as a result of this, they go on and on and on and on (get the point?) about the fun things they did last year, or two years ago, or last summer, but...who cares!? Not me.(Just kidding, I love your stories...well...when I hear them once.)

4. The Smarty-Pants:
"Hey, can you please help me with this?" How I wish this question was usually directed at me... Oh wait, it usually is!!! Kidding...no I'm not.. Or am I?
Anyway, we've got ourselves  bunch of smarty pants all up in this place. *snaps fingers* .I like them for knowing all these things, as it only means I can exploit them and use their knowledge for my own good. Can I be your best friend... Pretty please?

5. The Brady Bunch:
It doesn't matter where you look on campus, there are always this groups of friends with at least 5 members included. I've got my own brady bunch family, and we keep increasing in number, I have to find a new name to call us. These little groups of people are notorious for their selfie issues, private jokes, loud noises,  snickering at the "non brady-bunchers", collectively disliking the same people....I'm ending up making us sound like evil people, but in reality, this is the fun type of people to come across. So many different personal and genius minds, you're sorted for life!

I hope no one found my description any of these categories of people annoying, or hateful, I have a different kind of sense of humour that no one else on this planet seems to have, so bear with me. If you know or have come across any other categories of people do drop them in the comment box below.
Much love, 

Natasha Olutayo

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