Festival of sleep

So it turns out that there's a day allocated for the celebration of sleep. Where was this information all my life!? January 3rd is the Festival of sleep -  a great time and date seeing as it's during the holiday season and it falls on a Saturday. Halleluyah!

The utmost requirement for a good sleep is a nice  comfortable bed, which can be found at Casper. Casper incorporates two technologies for better nights and brighter days by using Premium Latex foam for cooling & bounce and Memory foam for supportive comfort.
 The following are my go-to sleep outfit that would give me a good night / day of beauty sleep. I like being warm and comfy when I go to bed, especially during winter time, so I would call myself a "Simple T-shirt and pyjama bottoms" kinda girl. Oh and not to forget the comfy supersoft bed socks.

Have a good sleep day, everyday.
xoxo- Natasha.

Natasha Olutayo

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