5 Reason why being honest is better than being nice.

We've all in one way or another being "too nice" that we overlook the importance of being honest with ourselves and to the person in question. Rather than say what's on our mind, we just mutter it under our breath as we walk away furious and seething all because we can't say it to their faces.

Well, now's the time for change as we all are entitled to our own opinion and our peace of mind.

1. Being honest gets you things that ordinarily, being "nice" wouldn't. Say for instance, your friend wants you to go to the cinema to watch a movie with them. Deep down, you know you really don't want to go. However, your niceness and the aim to please your friend puts you at the discomfort of getting up from bed, getting ready, wasting money on transport fare and paying for a movie that would be out on the internet in a month anyway!

2. Being honest sets you free.
Saying "yes" or "okay" to something you really want to scream "NO!!" to burdens you down. At the time, you convince yourself that you're just being nice, meanwhile you're just weighing yourself down, Say No to that function you don't want to attend. Say "Yes" to that thing you really want, but you're being told you can't have.

3. Honesty builds your courage.
Don't like the way your boss spoke to you? Make them aware of it. Taking every bad thing they throw your way just makes them think you're worthless. Thing is, you're not. You're worth so much you don't even know it. Speaking up might get you fired, let's hope it doesn't, the point is when you speak up and speak your mind, you gain not only courage, but the respects of your employer and fellow colleagues.

4. Honesty shows integrity
Words flow better when you speak the truth. What's even better is if you put actions to the words you've spoken, You'll be seen as the amazing person you have. If you've made a mistake, own it and apologise. You don't need to spare someone else's feelings if it means being disrespectful to yourself.

5. Honesty helps you find yourself.
Being a honest and kind person works hand in hand. You don't have to be nice to have friends. The outcome of being nice all the time produces the wrong results. However being honest and being kind is the perfect recipe for being a better person and finding yourself. You can stand up for yourself and still care about what it comes across as. Don't confuse being honest with being rude. Letting people know your opinion in a kind way makes finding yourself easier because you know what you don't and don't like.

In conclusion, never be sorry about how you feel. It's your entitlement, Being honest leaves you with a clear conscience and a happy life because you don't have to keep replaying scenarios where you could have said something else in your head. Let's all try to be a little more honest with both ourselves and the people around us

Natasha Olutayo

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