We all have that phase of wanting to be "natural" or "organic" and when the opportunity arose for me to try this product by Amphora Aromatics, I was a happy girl.

 This product, in all honesty, is amazing. Since I got the bottle and started using it, my eyes have gotten the most care in a long time.

Many of my readers don't know this, but I have a condition called blepharitis, where my eyelids get really itch, swollen and red. It doesn't happen regularly, but when it does, it can be a pain the the arse. As a result of this, I rarely wear eye makeup in case I have to scratch my eyes and I end up looking like a panda, which has happened most times than not.

Anyway, on getting this product, I decided, why not try it on, so I put on just eyeliner and mascara. Thankfully, there was no itching on this day, so my make up stayed on longer than usual. When I wiped it off using the gel, this is the amount that came off with just a swipe.

It's very easy to use. All you have to do is pump the desired amount on to your fingers or your wipe, leave on your eye lids for a couple of seconds and wipe it off.

This is not only a make up removal gel, it is also used to cool off tired eyes and reduce the puffiness of eye bags. It smells good, and that in itself, relaxes you. The gel leaves you feeling refreshed and and hydrated after using it.

In the words of Woody  Evans, director of AA Skincare, “We’ve created a 3 in 1 product, ideal for the multi-tasking consumer this summer.  With the festival season upon us, our new eye gel is the perfect antidote to late night partying or anyone suffering from disturbed sleep – helping refresh and revitalise tired eyes.  It’s affordable and effective too.”

In addition to the gel, I received 2 free sachets of more natural goodness that I can't wait to try. The Almond & Sandalwood moisturising hand cream, and the Tea Tree Gel anti-fungal cream

This is definitely one product to try out, and it's only  £6.96 from the Amphora Aromatics website. They've also got a whole range of skincare products that I'll definitely be sure to check out. You should too. Happy using!

*Disclaimer* I was sent this product to review, but all opinions are 100% mine

Natasha Olutayo

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